Wednesday, 21 September 2011


I have been so slack with blogging with life with exercise u name it i am a slack ass
work seems to never end and when it does its over with in a second feels that way
exercise wise i left vision what a waste of money not just the money but they rip u off and lie to you about your over all health and make it sound like you need us now sign up not only that but the work outs they give you zzzzzz i have more fun doing bodyrock and taebo

other news i got my car i went up a model and got the Hyundai i20 in dark grey metallic bought black and pink flower seat covers got a pink teddy on the mirror and a pink JJC car decal i got from glitzy glam picture to come i am a slack ass an haven't done it yet

i am looking a courses for make up i found a few for next year still looking but they ain't to bad by the sounds of them
so now no more siting on my butt time to get things rolling again

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