Saturday, 31 March 2012

Hunger games

i seen hunger games on Tuesday night good movie then we went out for dinner  i haven't got the books one day maybe when i find 48 hours in a single day but i did buy some of the hunger games nail polishes
Harvest moon
Riveting - LOVE this colour 
Dress me up
Fast track  - love the sparkles in this one 
luxe and lush - bit to chunky still nice but 
Smoke and ashes 
Hook and line 

i liked the agro nail polish (green) but though it would be a waste since i probably would only wear it once
that's my little nail polish haul and adventures besides almost living at work 99% of the time 

Sunday, 25 March 2012

weekly beauty session 25/03/2012

though i would do a run over of my weekly beauty session i do this on the weekend gets me ready for another week of everything i rather not be doing lol 

first i start with 
1. Biore nose strips you would be amazed at how much dirt your have in your pores yuck 
2. i use Dr Brandt pores no more vacuum cleaner on my chin i used a strip on my chin it hurts like hell taking it off :-O
3. clarisonic get all that dead skin off 
4. montagne jeunesse facial mask 
5. then its shower with herbal essences shampoo and Deep muk 1 minute ultra soft treatment ... i use this as conditioner i went into this hair care place looking for something for my over heated hair lol this stuff i will be buying again it leaves my hair feeling a lot better 
6. shave with Quattro razor it smells like raspberries :) and gillette shaving foam 
7. exfoliate body and body wash 
8. cleanse face with natio i love this stuff i use to use clinique after using it for over a year i broke out in pimples all over my chin i tell you it was a war zone natio cleared it all up for me i haven't looked back since 
after shower is done 
9. natio toner and pure fiji hydrating body lotion then natio daily face moisturiser 
10. Schwarzkopf normal balance express repair leave in conditioner 
11. evodia pink frangipani body mist 
12. bellamer eye blame and pangea organics lip balm

then its time for 
manicure I'm using dance baby by china glaze on my fingers 
and make some noise on my toes followed by moisturiser on the feet and hands with a BIG cup of tea 

Saturday, 24 March 2012

haul 24/03/2012

got a bit of a haul for you today my monthly bellabox came in for march and i placed a order with crush cosmetics  

March bellabox 

1. Planet eve daily face moisturiser - Our skin is our biggest organ needs our most utmost attention oxygenate your skin with this moisturiser you will be magically revived with its combination of super fruit ingredients acai and blueberries  
i didn't think to much of this it had a smell i didn't like reminds me of stale oats and did exactly what my moisturiser does felt no different 

2. U little beauty natural repair hair mask - help your crowning glory be naturally amazing with a semi-weekly deep conditioning fix
i have yet to try this can't comment yet 

3. Pure fiji coconut hydrating body lotion - continuing the yummy theme is this refreshing revitalising product of purity the smell will win you over instantly 
not a over powering smell of coconut just nice does way it says i loved the star fruit body wash i think the body lotion in star fruit would be nice to 

4. Yes to carrots lip tint - this all natural brand that uses organics fruit and veggies is finally at hand or at lip! with real carroty goodness this luscious little number will have you smacking your lips together 
smells nice like a minty smell leaves your lips feeling cool but it doesn't tint makes a great lip balm 

5. Bellamer eye balm - need a soothing experience for the soul and tired eyes? this botanical balm is the yoga of products relaxing skin around your peepers and giving it a well earned rest 
i love this stuff ! it had made the skin around my eye area so soft i don't have wrinkles just yet but i think this would be a great product to help keep them at bay a little longer 

now for my crush cosmetics order getting into the good stuff :D 
1. NYX HD studio primer - has a funny smell to it but it works well 
2. NYX HD studio foundation - Nude - i have a hard time finding foundation colour being some what light  toned nude is the perfect colour for me and it blends in well i don't need a lot of coverage just even out skin tone this is great 
3. NYX HD studio foundation - Natural 
4. Sleek primer palette - I'm not to sure about this product yet i think i need to spend a bit more time with it but so far it is not as pigmented as the NYX jumbo pencils will see how this one goes 
5. NYX bronzer and blusher combo - Ibiza 
6. NYX Stick blush - Pink lotus - blends in nice and is a very beautiful colour 
7. NYX lip pencil - Pinky 
8. NYX Lip pencil - Bloom
9. Milani Lip flash - Flash light 
10. Milani Lip flash - Flashy - love love love this pink and the little glitters in it 
11. NYX Round lipstick - Vitamin 
12. NYX Round Lipstick - Spell bound 
13. NYX Round lipstick - Fusion 
14. Sleek True colour  - O.M.G
15. NYX Black label lipstick - Tribute to marilyn 
oh i forgot 1 thing 
16. China glaze - Dance baby nail polish 

i should do i updated make up collection soon i have bought heaps since the last 

Wednesday, 21 March 2012


Carton With A Flower

had crappy day today bright side and the rest was crap 
my bella beauty box came in i would show you but after i cracked it over my car i left it at work 
my car is in the shop something wrong with the gears or something I'm not a car expert lol but anyway i was really hoping to have my car back after work nope they need to keep it longer mind you i love my car to much and reallllllly hate being with out it or it being to far away from me I'm weird like that lol all going well fingers toes and knickers crossed i get my baby back tomorrow or I'm just going to tell him forget it give it back !!!
crappy customers with attitudes one of those days you just wanna go home and forget about life didn't make it any better 
bought 2 wigs after work might do something with them vampire look and a goddess one just getting enough time to do so is the hard part already cant wait for the weekend i had enough ! 
can only get better right ? lets hope so 

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

14th March 2012

I've so had enough of the week already work until Saturday afternoon arrrrrrh could use that half a day off but no gotta keep my eye on the goal budget so far still going strong i gotta learn home cooked meals just do it don't be lazy and go for easy food like the noodle box or subway forget it i gotta keep telling myself that its expensive nasty food 

tonight i did cardio 30 mins of brutal work out then i cooked a awesome dinner .... yes i cooked glad i did was so yummy i even made some for lunch tomorrow go me!

Stuffed Potato Shells

4 small to medium yellow potatoes

One 15-ounce tub of ricotta cheese (I used a fat-free kind and it worked well)

2 cups loosely packed raw spinach

1 carrot

1/4 cup loosely packed fresh parsley

1/4 cup soy milk

Salt to taste.

1.5 cups pasta sauce

Click on picture for full recipe 

is from tone it up 

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

abs and arms done!

Green Eye Fantasy

did a little weights tonight abs and arms 

Roller push up - 3 sets of 15  
Seated rotation - 3 sets of 15 with 10 kg
Hell to toe crunch  - 3 sets of 15 

Overhead dumbbell extension - 3 sets 15 10kg 
Dumbbell concentration curl each arm - 3 sets 15 10 kg 
Resistance band lateral raise each arm  - 3 sets 15 with band 
One arm band row each arm - 3 sets 15 with band 

need to get back into the game i been slacking on that to 

tomorrow morning 5 am cardio i really need to kick my ass im not a morning person at all id rather strangle the alarm then get out of bed
lets do this !!!!!

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Butterflies Hello

I got no excuses but work and guys suck 
but non the less i am back again 
would you belive it if i told you nothing was new ? 
but i did get my mac computer love it so far :)
i am now starting my months long save for imats in September and beauty school in october
i am so bad at saving ! also took a before and after pic of my weight loss from when i first started and quit smokeing to now still got heaps to go but that happens in time :)  

results so far now to lose the last of it 
then i can work on a 6 pack :P 
also doing a project 10 pan there was some items just siting around though i would finish them and make room in my storage for more goodies 
i got so far 
nyx eyeliner x3 counting it as 1 
rimmel london blush
maybelline new york lash stiletto mascara
nyx matte lip stick 
clinique lip gloss 
avon lip balm 
physicians formula highlighter in fancypansy 
physicians formula multi colour high lighter  
and colgate toothpaste was a sample i got thats been siting around for ages time to use and chuck 
and elf complexion perfection