Sunday, 26 August 2012

What ive been up to?

Been busy as a bee lately from working 6 days a week trying to fit in shopping to keep life interesting to my make up course and everything else in between 

i enrolled into this make up artist course so far I'm loving it i passed unit A i got a A+  *big smiles*
I'm just finding it hard to work all week and still have time to do my course i will manage might just take me a bit longer 

i have been really slack with my weight loss its been like 8 weeks on herbalife the 4 kg i lost i put it right back on mind you i was not exercising either Ive started exercising again just gotta keep at it to form a routine again last week i did lose 1 kg and a whole percentage of body fat not bad for a slacker lol 

its bad boys like this stopping my progress but oh so yummie macarons 

Framboise, Citron and Vanille had to be my fav 

but i made this to make up for it Asian style beef salad and orange juice 

exercise wise was 40 mins on the bike and a tone it up work out gonna be sore tomorrow :)

now to finish my nails and finish the night yes work again tomorrow 

Saturday, 18 August 2012

Lizard skin

another one i was working on Lizard skin don't EVER get latex stuck in your hair it hurts like all buggery getting it out arrrg 
items used 
assortment of green paints and shadows 
white paint 
brown eye shadow 
setting powder 
black paint