Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Make Up Area

So i been working on my make up area in the last week or running out of room / want bigger make up area so i got another white book case and instead of having 1 lot of book cases in the corner Ive got it all along 1 wall now 
on the top i have pills flowers headbands random stuff 
1st shelf is FX make up and what nots
2nd shelf is some random creams primer bb cream and face related products 
3rd shelf beauty books and magazines
4th random folders
then my little make up table 

 on top is protein powders and a bath pillow 
1st shelf is all my make up palettes
2 hair products
3 face related products
4 hair stuff and shower gels 
5th perfumes
next book case under it 
1 lip products and NYX eye shadows
2 random eyeshadows and eyeliner/mascara tyle stuff
3 pigments and random items 
4 hair rollers and nail polish 

and on the side is 2 wigs :) 

 thats my new make up area 

Saturday, 1 October 2011

September Favs

lets tackle my first monthly favs list here is my goodies for September 

1. Silver bow headband from diva i think 
2. Raspberry Ripple body wash from the body shop this smells so good its almost tempting to taste it lol 
3. Tresemme heat tamer protective spray Ive tryed a few others but most of them leave with me this film like feeling in my hair this one works a treat 
4. Australis Primer 
5. Super bb cream  i love this stuff i am not a big foundation person also find it very hard to find the right colour everything is always to light to dark never a in between then you have the whole this feels very heavy this to watery there is always something but this cream I'm so glad i finally tryed it works in with my skin colour covers the stuff i need covered i will be buying another after this
6. Graftobian hi def glamour creme corrector palette i know Ive only had this one for a week and a bit but seriously bb cream this and some face powder and I'm done i don't have many pimples just the odd one here and there the green in this really gets rid of the red love it  
7. NYX lipstick matte in Audrey 
8. White musk from the body shop this is a very soft scent great for during the day wear  

9. my new diary from glitzy glam Lilly Pulitzer must more exciting then my normal diary 
and yes unhealthy i know but it taste so good !
10. Maggie Beer - Burnt fig, honeycomb and caramel ice cream best ice cream every !

will have a new post up soon i am working on my new make up area :D