Saturday, 1 February 2014

Kill of the Night

Was watching 10 things i hate about you tonight always a good movie! this add for alfa romeo came on sweet looking car way out the of budget?? i think so. The song they picked for there add got me every time it came on. I was wiggling away to it so out came the iPad now have a few new songs <3 

This is the song they picked for there add Kill of the Night 
Few others i love 
And this one i love love love!!

Check her out you won't be disappointed  

Thursday, 23 January 2014

Great start to the year…..

So to start off the year I've had to get a new car well not so much new but a in good condition that will take a punch got a purple Hyundai Excel GX besides a little paint on the back and a few things that had to be done it was in brand new condition score!

Than my morning life line died yep my coffee machine blew up :( good timing really the coffee machines i was eyeing off a while ago was on special say hello to new and improved coffee machine 

 Nescafe Dolce Gusto 

Picked him up one night. I cant for the life of me remember why we were at the shops was meant to be <3 lol took him home the box says you get a starter kit so i thought try that see what flavours are winners …… Set up the machine on the bench ……… There is no pods OMG! There is nothing worse then getting all excited for a coffee and your left hanging arrrrrh. 
You have to send away for them which will take 28 days they didn't think that one out to well! But the coffee has been sooo good. 
So far i have tried 
Hot Chocolate
Cappuccino Ice
Peach Iced Tea 
Cafe Au Lait

Can't wait to try more flavours so far I'm very impressed. And the size is perfect for my small kitchen 

Also got a pool this summer had been eiiik I'm so over it! hurry up winter. 
I've spent the last few days in there swim suit shopping? i think so….

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

2014 Here We Are

What can i say about 2013 besides you sucked worst year hands down.

Didn't finish my makeup course like i planned lost my job it started with moving the shop from 1 location to another and that didn't go so well so i lost my job and then on top of it i moved house still tying to work my new place out but its happening.

What has 2014 got in store hopefully a lot of good happy fun things!

So far i started this bike triathlon I'm up to day 7 of the 3 months been doing great today was a ride off this morning some one tried to break in from the back been very unsettled all day they bent the latch on the locked gate and forced it open Dofus the Rottweiler scared them off never been broken into before not the best feeling gone paranoid i even got a towel over the bathroom window and hair clips holding the curtains closed no peep holes.

Meet Dofus born 16/8/13 i call him Dofus but he's names Dom

Still got my baby Lexi the pug she's all grown up now. 
Thats the look i get for not buying more scooby doos.

Christmas was very low key bought my first christmas tree for my place wasn't happy with it my tree lookes so skinny then i look at mums it was huge grrr need a bigger tree next year!

Scored some awesome things for christmas Jessica Simpson Fancy perfume seriously love the bottle. 

 Oriental Vanilla fragrance for women. Fancy was launched in 2008. Top notes are pear, apricot and red berries; middle notes are gardenia, jasmine, almond and caramel; base notes are sandalwood, vanilla and amber.

Looks good and smells yummy.
Also got a huge dresser will get pics of that when im sorted all my makeup is not sorted
i also recived a new diary for this year chocolates yummmm a white flower napkin holder and a rolling pin lol story behind that is i was making rum balls for christmas anyway i was using a wine bottle so 2 close people to me got me a rolling pin i supose if some one gets on my bad side i got a spare? LOL 

Friday, 11 January 2013

Lazy Days

In the process of changing my room around like most of it just a few little things i need to work on just finding the energy for it been so tired the last 2 weeks getting very hot here my foundation no matter what i use does not survive the day its terrible had Chinese the other day found this place at indooroopilly didn't think to much of the fried rice but the Singapore noodles was good 
My life saver today 
Not 1 cuppa tea today no wonder Ive felt screwed up latte and a slice of fruit loaf yum
so i been working on a project a little shabby chic blanket for in the car lexi is in the car with me every day she sits on one of my jackets in the car front seat so i made this for her also big enough to cover her when it gets cooler 

Front of blanket 


Also working on a country cottages quilt its a block of the month thing that's happening every 2 weeks started it today was fun will post pics when i finished the block 
and lexi be chillin 

Monday, 7 January 2013

make up haul

last week i worked my lil butt off weights then cardio and a clean healthy diet feeling good tonight i made a broccoli soup taste yummie i been trying to stay away from sugar anyway mum put a teaspoon on sugar in dinner last night would you believe it was the first thing i picked up
anyway thought i would put together my little make up haul i bought over the last few weeks
Loreal matte morphose foundation - 115 golden ivory
Bourjois blush - Rose d'or
Mac eyeshadow - Mulch
                           - Shadow Lady
                           - Pink Freeze
                           - Sushi Flower

Mac blush - Well dressed
Australis primer
Essence stay with me lipgloss - Candy bar
Lime Crime carousel gloss - Candy Apple
Max factor flipstick colour effect - Gipsy Red
Face of Australia sheer gloss lip crayon - Cupcake
                                                               - Sundae
                                                               - Macaron
Nyx Bohemian chic nude matte collection
Australis high lights - Pearl
Nyx pore filler
Bys island bronze make up kit
Bys glitter eye cream - Silver spectrum
Bys souffle eye cream - White gold
Essence get big lashes - black
Bys blush duo - Miss pink

Was in the mood for some glitter gave myself a manicure while watching revenge China Glaze Electrify from the Hunger games line

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Good start to the year

2013 is off the a great start :) i slept in then got up had a protein shake sculpt in vanilla and a cuppa tea
then i did my work out then another protein shake this time urban muscle in vanilla

Bench dip 4 sets to max
Deep push ups 4 sets of 12
Dumbbell flys 3 sets of 10


Bent over barbell row 4 sets of 10
One arm dumbbell row 4 sets of 10
Upright row 3 sets of 8

Then i did 30 mins power walk

2 slices wholemeal toast with coconut oil a little cheese and asparagus salt and pepper

Grilled salmon, mashed cauliflower and veggies

2+ litters of water

Got lunch sorted for tomorrow and lexis food going to bed early so i can wake up at 4 get my workout in early :)

Bring on that 6 pack abs

Monday, 31 December 2012

Happy New Year

Happy New Year hope everyone has a wonderful 2013
Finally got the outfit together came up alright :) 
Pink or purple top with a flowery skirt a pink and sliver ring purple nail polish and the heels from the other day couldn't work out purple or pink so got them both 

Had a few hours of work today found out all the shops at the back of us got broken into last night only 
this time of the year everything seems to be full on car accidents ..... road rage yep i know a bit about that nothing worse then cant get a car park at the shops then you go and leave and it takes 20 mins to get out of there arrrrr break ins you got it all at the moment 

On a brighter note my new years resolutions for 2013 
Lose weight 
Tone up 
Finish my make up artist course
Go to imats 
Use up products i have already got instead of buying more 
Start my make up artist business 

Hope everyone has a good night and a fab new year :)