Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Good start to the year

2013 is off the a great start :) i slept in then got up had a protein shake sculpt in vanilla and a cuppa tea
then i did my work out then another protein shake this time urban muscle in vanilla

Bench dip 4 sets to max
Deep push ups 4 sets of 12
Dumbbell flys 3 sets of 10


Bent over barbell row 4 sets of 10
One arm dumbbell row 4 sets of 10
Upright row 3 sets of 8

Then i did 30 mins power walk

2 slices wholemeal toast with coconut oil a little cheese and asparagus salt and pepper

Grilled salmon, mashed cauliflower and veggies

2+ litters of water

Got lunch sorted for tomorrow and lexis food going to bed early so i can wake up at 4 get my workout in early :)

Bring on that 6 pack abs

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  1. Happy new year!



    Please check it out! tnx:)