Tuesday, 29 November 2011


been so tired the last week i think i have walked 100 miles this week and sun burnt
i have 50% of my christmas shopping done yay at this rate i might be ready for christmas before the 25th :P

did a little shopping not alot but i will share

Women Stuff by Kaz Cooke i thought it was kinda cute a womens bible lol 

Fateful by Claudia Gray i know this one is a little young for me but i have to admite i enjoyed the evernight series Claudia has some serious talent cant wait to get stuck into this .... not just yet i keep falling asleep with the light on and book in my hand sigh 

while i was running around with my cookies and cream drink i ran into a little set up in the middle of the shopping centre they where selling cute jewelry i picked up 4 bracelets and 2 neck laces 

my phone needed a make over so i went to the phone place and found 2 new phone covers hot pink with bling and a light pink 

at the moment in love with dried fruit banana chips, sun dried pears, dried apples, dried peaches 
taste good 

thats it for today im going to find my bed and sleep for a week 

Thursday, 24 November 2011

out from under the paper work

after last night and today i think i should be singing I'm a survivor haha that much paper work then getting interrupted every 5 mins made for a long day

but i bring you Lady's and gentlemen a fresh new site today loaded with so many cool clothes and shoes in Australia The Iconic
they have so many brands Hussy, Alpha 60, Blue Juice, Lipstik just to name a few not only reasonable prices but free shipping .....who doesn't like free shipping my fav would have to be these beauties

Siren Divot will be the perfect shoe for a night out on the town or in my closet of many shoes :P

have a look for your self and tell me which clothing or shoe item is your fav

when everything goes to hell

i tell you when i have a bad day its really bad its not your type of oh crap i stepped in something kinda day its you are screwed kinda day you think your getting some where see the light at the end of the tunnel an bam your set back months

it started with .... let me take u back a bit first we had a dodgy accountant tryed to screw the business over leave it as that or I'm not gonna get anything done we have a new accountant now who does those little things i cant yet do turns out we are 2 BAS quarters behind .....great ..... so I'm stuck all night dead tired working on MYOB so yer i might be here till midnight *rolls eyes* then a full day of work on my own yep it just got better

then my top being to big for me making me look fat sorry fatter not a big thing but it annoyed me

then this is a good one really set the mood for the night I'm having trouble with my tax they don't wanna give me the money they owe me they ended up asking me to send every last bit of evidence i have ... so i did now anything i use for work i cant claim .... yer bullshit i know .... but not only did i pay for some one to do my tax but I'm now fined $300 because they think my claim in wrong yeeeeeeeep been a great day I'm going to have to write up a letter saying you have been fined $45 refund of my tax and $2000 for wasting my time due in 3 days of this letter as in right now

Monday, 21 November 2011

small shopping haul

i haven't done much shopping in the last few weeks but have collected a few goodies

today's splurge was my guess handbag and purse i love the colour's
love the little bow on the bag and purse with the heart <3 thought at first it wasn't going to hold much since i have lots of junk but it seems to hold heaps :)

my new jewelry cabinet / full length mirror in white go to with the rest of my furniture it hold everything a little box wasn't going to cut it lol 

Universal Beauty inchloss slimming body wraps 10 pack  all up $100+  got it for $39.95 
i tryed it tonight no cm's came off no nothing i will give this one a couple more trys but so far waste of money 

got this at target for $30 i tested this out on my leg and stomach ..... yes it works you rub it on and wait 6 - 8 hours mind you i forgot all about it then realised hours later oh my tan ...... I'm kinda tanned and mostly white now to find time to tan the rest of me :P

Sunday, 20 November 2011

an shes back

so what have i been up to well besides work to much i have been playing around with special fx make up for example 
been having fun from beaten up clown, lizard, demon, Chelsea's smile ect ect need to put a order in soon for more latex
other then that i bought a nice jewelry cabinet with full length mirror on the front <3 it
went to a organic market on Saturday got heaps of cherries strawberries and blue berries they taste so good ! going back when they next open :D