Monday, 21 November 2011

small shopping haul

i haven't done much shopping in the last few weeks but have collected a few goodies

today's splurge was my guess handbag and purse i love the colour's
love the little bow on the bag and purse with the heart <3 thought at first it wasn't going to hold much since i have lots of junk but it seems to hold heaps :)

my new jewelry cabinet / full length mirror in white go to with the rest of my furniture it hold everything a little box wasn't going to cut it lol 

Universal Beauty inchloss slimming body wraps 10 pack  all up $100+  got it for $39.95 
i tryed it tonight no cm's came off no nothing i will give this one a couple more trys but so far waste of money 

got this at target for $30 i tested this out on my leg and stomach ..... yes it works you rub it on and wait 6 - 8 hours mind you i forgot all about it then realised hours later oh my tan ...... I'm kinda tanned and mostly white now to find time to tan the rest of me :P


  1. That jewellery cabinet is sooo cute! Thanks for your comment on my blog, by the way :) xo

  2. ohh, i am absolutely in love with the Guess handbag and the matching purse! so cute and chic! :)

  3. I love everything you got. Especially your guess handbag and wallet <3