Thursday, 24 November 2011

when everything goes to hell

i tell you when i have a bad day its really bad its not your type of oh crap i stepped in something kinda day its you are screwed kinda day you think your getting some where see the light at the end of the tunnel an bam your set back months

it started with .... let me take u back a bit first we had a dodgy accountant tryed to screw the business over leave it as that or I'm not gonna get anything done we have a new accountant now who does those little things i cant yet do turns out we are 2 BAS quarters behind .....great ..... so I'm stuck all night dead tired working on MYOB so yer i might be here till midnight *rolls eyes* then a full day of work on my own yep it just got better

then my top being to big for me making me look fat sorry fatter not a big thing but it annoyed me

then this is a good one really set the mood for the night I'm having trouble with my tax they don't wanna give me the money they owe me they ended up asking me to send every last bit of evidence i have ... so i did now anything i use for work i cant claim .... yer bullshit i know .... but not only did i pay for some one to do my tax but I'm now fined $300 because they think my claim in wrong yeeeeeeeep been a great day I'm going to have to write up a letter saying you have been fined $45 refund of my tax and $2000 for wasting my time due in 3 days of this letter as in right now

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