Tuesday, 29 November 2011


been so tired the last week i think i have walked 100 miles this week and sun burnt
i have 50% of my christmas shopping done yay at this rate i might be ready for christmas before the 25th :P

did a little shopping not alot but i will share

Women Stuff by Kaz Cooke i thought it was kinda cute a womens bible lol 

Fateful by Claudia Gray i know this one is a little young for me but i have to admite i enjoyed the evernight series Claudia has some serious talent cant wait to get stuck into this .... not just yet i keep falling asleep with the light on and book in my hand sigh 

while i was running around with my cookies and cream drink i ran into a little set up in the middle of the shopping centre they where selling cute jewelry i picked up 4 bracelets and 2 neck laces 

my phone needed a make over so i went to the phone place and found 2 new phone covers hot pink with bling and a light pink 

at the moment in love with dried fruit banana chips, sun dried pears, dried apples, dried peaches 
taste good 

thats it for today im going to find my bed and sleep for a week 


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