Monday, 31 December 2012

Happy New Year

Happy New Year hope everyone has a wonderful 2013
Finally got the outfit together came up alright :) 
Pink or purple top with a flowery skirt a pink and sliver ring purple nail polish and the heels from the other day couldn't work out purple or pink so got them both 

Had a few hours of work today found out all the shops at the back of us got broken into last night only 
this time of the year everything seems to be full on car accidents ..... road rage yep i know a bit about that nothing worse then cant get a car park at the shops then you go and leave and it takes 20 mins to get out of there arrrrr break ins you got it all at the moment 

On a brighter note my new years resolutions for 2013 
Lose weight 
Tone up 
Finish my make up artist course
Go to imats 
Use up products i have already got instead of buying more 
Start my make up artist business 

Hope everyone has a good night and a fab new year :) 

Friday, 28 December 2012

shoe therapy

Snuck out of work today this time of the year ahh just wanna go on holidays but anyway found these shoes I'm working on a new years outfit and i think these will fit it perfect 

 Seen this nail polish on the way out and fell in love <3 Sinful Colours in Purple Diamond 
Ignore the blurry at this time of the night I'm hopeless lol 

I'm looking at opening a etsy store to sell stone bead necklaces and crystal, key rings, pen holders, brush holders, decorated jars , bags even some body scrubs and candles just a idea me and mum had tonight still looking into it 
Bed for me 1 more day of work then i can sleep in :D

Thursday, 27 December 2012

Making Space

Yesterday had a nice dinner and desert i been craving soup so i had a veggie soup with toasted cheese sandwich and trifle and a cup of tea yum  I'm odd i crave things at the wrong time i crave soups in summer and fruits and salads during winter

Added a few new songs on my ipod
1. Pitbull - don't stop the party
2. 3LAU - spectrum
3. Will i am feat Britney Spears - scream and shout
4. Kesha - Warrior
5. Kesha - Wherever you are
6. Rihanna - diamonds
7. Kesha - crazy kids
8. Kesha - tik tok
9. Kesha - die young
10. Nicki Minaj - va va voom

I haven't been buying much beauty product related stuff I'm trying to finish up alot of stuff i have laying around i get so far with products get something new and that gets shoved in the back of the draw 

So far this is as far has i have gotten 

Herbal Essences normal hair conditioner X3 bottles ..... will buy this again its my go to shampoo and conditioner for every day 
Herbal essences shampoo X2 bottles 

Clear scalp and hair beauty therapy nourishing shampoo 
Clear scalp and hair beauty therapy nourishing daily conditioner ...... not sure about this product it didn't do anything different that the herbal essences does not do 

Organix coconut milk conditioner ..... love this stuff and its organic bonus leaves my hair soft 

Imperial Leather summer berries body wash .... smells nice but compared to other body washes i will skip this one 
Lux tropical sunset mango and grapefruit oils ..... this is one of my favs this ones leaves you feeling refreshed in the morning 
Lux secret bliss fragrance pearls with the scent of Egyptian violet and elemi oil ... another fav of mine 
I Love mango and papaya body wash ..... was ok cant say i would repurchase this one 
I Love Raspberry and blackberry .... now this one i have had a few bottles of this one be warned you will be tempted to taste it! it smells soooo good 

Schwarzkopf ultimate repair anti damage mask ..... don't bother it did nothing for me i use heating tools on my hair every day and as of lately highlights in my hair  this product did nothing and a couple of times left me greasy 

Joico k-pak reconstruct.... another product I'm happy to see the end of do not like the smell of this nor does it do anything and this one was a pain in the bum to wash out

Tuesday, 25 December 2012

jingle bells


Yep still not feeling it thank god its over we only had a very small Christmas this year but it was mostly a disaster some people should not drink! I'm looking forward to the new year always feels like a brand new start and to be honest even knowing this year has had its ups and downs next year is gonna be better! positive thinking here i got my licence this year and i started my make up artist course not far from finish i got my puppy this year down side is work as been slow not enough me time and i have lost some people i thought where close to me so all up its been a good and bad year 
Christmas this year ahh either I'm getting to old for Christmas or its just the pits ... brother got drunk and he cant handle his drinks he gets loud and arrogant lunch was running late brother was cracking the shits over his computer and I'm like geeez you spend your life on the damn computer you cant even spend the day with family ehh i just give up got a couple of things this year 
A new ipad cover and a itunes gift card 
Lexi got some goodies to 

now to chill and clean up the mess 

Monday, 24 December 2012

Christmas eve

Its Christmas eve i have finished wrapping pressies hate wrapping i suck at it big time you can always tell which one is from me lol eiik

but anyway really not feeling it this year just feel like i wanna eat sleep and chill in bed with movies not even my hot latte is making me feel any better about it

i did grab a few new things a clock ... i do not have a clock near the bed so i gotta roll .... sorry fall out of bed just to find out what the time is got a new Christmas mug  pink shower sponge puff thingy
pearl necklace and a book things my daughter needs to know by dilvin yasa ... seriously it has some handy things in there with loads of laughs good book! a pink lip gloss and chocolates yumm

had a very yummie soup today i crave everything in the wrong season .... soup in summer, salads and fruit in winter wouldn't mind another veggie soup now hmmm no bed time !
going to get tomorrow over and done with as fast as possible 

Thursday, 20 December 2012

package from over the seas

I decided to get myself something for Christmas this year to busy buying something for everyone else i treated myself to :)
a while ago i bought the tone it up nutrition plan haven't gotten into it yet but next year its going to be the time fitness gets serious i have a goal  i also bought the tone it up work out DVD
so the goodies i got myself is the tone it up mug, sticker, lunch bag, protein powder and blender bottle :D
Share Love Inspire Sweat stick on my car :D
Tone it up lunch bag, blender bottle, mug and protein powder 
And a few extra things i bought
new thongs, hands Wash and hand lotion in peach and pear smells good! and oxygen mag 

Oh and my new friend i got last week 

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

puppy school

So Lexi has graduated puppy school in that time she has learnt how to sit and lay down she was already good with the whole toilet training thing but we had a Christmas dress up lexi of course came first :D
we made her costume and put black wings on her insted of being a white angel for Christmas we took a more interesting turn .... the evil dark angel hehe she looks good in red

out of the 5 puppy's everyone voted for lexi first place she won a Christmas stocking with treats and toys ...... might stop her running off with the other stockings now shes got her own hahaha

that's it for me tonight I'm buggered 

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

The Haps

When i get busy i fade away into the background then out of no where here i am lol nah I'm hopeless when it comes to a social life and what not i cant juggle to many things at once and be extremely time poor at the same time

Whats new you ask .. a few things this time

I'm not far from finishing my make up artist course I'm getting great marks going to be exciting to see the end of this and start a new journey only thing i find hard is getting over the whole i suck i cant do this self doubt is a killer

After my course i am thinking of doing the event and wedding planner course have more then just one thing under my belt could be a awesome thing to have

I haven't bought alot of new stuff lately nothing over this way has been catching my eye same old same old

I did buy the beyonce midnight heat i likey 

Rich fruity flavors of plum from Armenia and star fruit. Orchid, black tulips and purple peony form the heart that gradually turns into the oriental base of warm amber, sandalwood and patchouli

The biggest purchase was my new lil friend Lexi Rose pure breed black pug puppy
We have started puppy school but last week she caught a cold and gastro poor baby so she missed out ..... not that it worried her she doesn't seem to like her own kind shes a human pup lol 
worth every cent potty trained even takes her medication with out any fussy i just hand it to her, loves the customers at work and sleeps the whole time in the car only thing is she cracks the shits if you turn the air con off down side my car is a petrol guzzler suppose you get that in a automatic oh well still love my car even if its got hail damage on the roof :(