Tuesday, 25 December 2012

jingle bells


Yep still not feeling it thank god its over we only had a very small Christmas this year but it was mostly a disaster some people should not drink! I'm looking forward to the new year always feels like a brand new start and to be honest even knowing this year has had its ups and downs next year is gonna be better! positive thinking here i got my licence this year and i started my make up artist course not far from finish i got my puppy this year down side is work as been slow not enough me time and i have lost some people i thought where close to me so all up its been a good and bad year 
Christmas this year ahh either I'm getting to old for Christmas or its just the pits ... brother got drunk and he cant handle his drinks he gets loud and arrogant lunch was running late brother was cracking the shits over his computer and I'm like geeez you spend your life on the damn computer you cant even spend the day with family ehh i just give up got a couple of things this year 
A new ipad cover and a itunes gift card 
Lexi got some goodies to 

now to chill and clean up the mess 

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  1. OMG I am loving your pink and white themed Christmas tree!!! I really wanted a white tree, but couldn't get one so I got a black one!

    If you have time to check out my blog that would be awesome :)