Thursday, 27 December 2012

Making Space

Yesterday had a nice dinner and desert i been craving soup so i had a veggie soup with toasted cheese sandwich and trifle and a cup of tea yum  I'm odd i crave things at the wrong time i crave soups in summer and fruits and salads during winter

Added a few new songs on my ipod
1. Pitbull - don't stop the party
2. 3LAU - spectrum
3. Will i am feat Britney Spears - scream and shout
4. Kesha - Warrior
5. Kesha - Wherever you are
6. Rihanna - diamonds
7. Kesha - crazy kids
8. Kesha - tik tok
9. Kesha - die young
10. Nicki Minaj - va va voom

I haven't been buying much beauty product related stuff I'm trying to finish up alot of stuff i have laying around i get so far with products get something new and that gets shoved in the back of the draw 

So far this is as far has i have gotten 

Herbal Essences normal hair conditioner X3 bottles ..... will buy this again its my go to shampoo and conditioner for every day 
Herbal essences shampoo X2 bottles 

Clear scalp and hair beauty therapy nourishing shampoo 
Clear scalp and hair beauty therapy nourishing daily conditioner ...... not sure about this product it didn't do anything different that the herbal essences does not do 

Organix coconut milk conditioner ..... love this stuff and its organic bonus leaves my hair soft 

Imperial Leather summer berries body wash .... smells nice but compared to other body washes i will skip this one 
Lux tropical sunset mango and grapefruit oils ..... this is one of my favs this ones leaves you feeling refreshed in the morning 
Lux secret bliss fragrance pearls with the scent of Egyptian violet and elemi oil ... another fav of mine 
I Love mango and papaya body wash ..... was ok cant say i would repurchase this one 
I Love Raspberry and blackberry .... now this one i have had a few bottles of this one be warned you will be tempted to taste it! it smells soooo good 

Schwarzkopf ultimate repair anti damage mask ..... don't bother it did nothing for me i use heating tools on my hair every day and as of lately highlights in my hair  this product did nothing and a couple of times left me greasy 

Joico k-pak reconstruct.... another product I'm happy to see the end of do not like the smell of this nor does it do anything and this one was a pain in the bum to wash out

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