Monday, 24 December 2012

Christmas eve

Its Christmas eve i have finished wrapping pressies hate wrapping i suck at it big time you can always tell which one is from me lol eiik

but anyway really not feeling it this year just feel like i wanna eat sleep and chill in bed with movies not even my hot latte is making me feel any better about it

i did grab a few new things a clock ... i do not have a clock near the bed so i gotta roll .... sorry fall out of bed just to find out what the time is got a new Christmas mug  pink shower sponge puff thingy
pearl necklace and a book things my daughter needs to know by dilvin yasa ... seriously it has some handy things in there with loads of laughs good book! a pink lip gloss and chocolates yumm

had a very yummie soup today i crave everything in the wrong season .... soup in summer, salads and fruit in winter wouldn't mind another veggie soup now hmmm no bed time !
going to get tomorrow over and done with as fast as possible 

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