Tuesday, 7 January 2014

2014 Here We Are

What can i say about 2013 besides you sucked worst year hands down.

Didn't finish my makeup course like i planned lost my job it started with moving the shop from 1 location to another and that didn't go so well so i lost my job and then on top of it i moved house still tying to work my new place out but its happening.

What has 2014 got in store hopefully a lot of good happy fun things!

So far i started this bike triathlon I'm up to day 7 of the 3 months been doing great today was a ride off this morning some one tried to break in from the back been very unsettled all day they bent the latch on the locked gate and forced it open Dofus the Rottweiler scared them off never been broken into before not the best feeling gone paranoid i even got a towel over the bathroom window and hair clips holding the curtains closed no peep holes.

Meet Dofus born 16/8/13 i call him Dofus but he's names Dom

Still got my baby Lexi the pug she's all grown up now. 
Thats the look i get for not buying more scooby doos.

Christmas was very low key bought my first christmas tree for my place wasn't happy with it my tree lookes so skinny then i look at mums it was huge grrr need a bigger tree next year!

Scored some awesome things for christmas Jessica Simpson Fancy perfume seriously love the bottle. 

 Oriental Vanilla fragrance for women. Fancy was launched in 2008. Top notes are pear, apricot and red berries; middle notes are gardenia, jasmine, almond and caramel; base notes are sandalwood, vanilla and amber.

Looks good and smells yummy.
Also got a huge dresser will get pics of that when im sorted all my makeup is not sorted
i also recived a new diary for this year chocolates yummmm a white flower napkin holder and a rolling pin lol story behind that is i was making rum balls for christmas anyway i was using a wine bottle so 2 close people to me got me a rolling pin i supose if some one gets on my bad side i got a spare? LOL 

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