Thursday, 23 January 2014

Great start to the year…..

So to start off the year I've had to get a new car well not so much new but a in good condition that will take a punch got a purple Hyundai Excel GX besides a little paint on the back and a few things that had to be done it was in brand new condition score!

Than my morning life line died yep my coffee machine blew up :( good timing really the coffee machines i was eyeing off a while ago was on special say hello to new and improved coffee machine 

 Nescafe Dolce Gusto 

Picked him up one night. I cant for the life of me remember why we were at the shops was meant to be <3 lol took him home the box says you get a starter kit so i thought try that see what flavours are winners …… Set up the machine on the bench ……… There is no pods OMG! There is nothing worse then getting all excited for a coffee and your left hanging arrrrrh. 
You have to send away for them which will take 28 days they didn't think that one out to well! But the coffee has been sooo good. 
So far i have tried 
Hot Chocolate
Cappuccino Ice
Peach Iced Tea 
Cafe Au Lait

Can't wait to try more flavours so far I'm very impressed. And the size is perfect for my small kitchen 

Also got a pool this summer had been eiiik I'm so over it! hurry up winter. 
I've spent the last few days in there swim suit shopping? i think so….

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