Sunday, 25 March 2012

weekly beauty session 25/03/2012

though i would do a run over of my weekly beauty session i do this on the weekend gets me ready for another week of everything i rather not be doing lol 

first i start with 
1. Biore nose strips you would be amazed at how much dirt your have in your pores yuck 
2. i use Dr Brandt pores no more vacuum cleaner on my chin i used a strip on my chin it hurts like hell taking it off :-O
3. clarisonic get all that dead skin off 
4. montagne jeunesse facial mask 
5. then its shower with herbal essences shampoo and Deep muk 1 minute ultra soft treatment ... i use this as conditioner i went into this hair care place looking for something for my over heated hair lol this stuff i will be buying again it leaves my hair feeling a lot better 
6. shave with Quattro razor it smells like raspberries :) and gillette shaving foam 
7. exfoliate body and body wash 
8. cleanse face with natio i love this stuff i use to use clinique after using it for over a year i broke out in pimples all over my chin i tell you it was a war zone natio cleared it all up for me i haven't looked back since 
after shower is done 
9. natio toner and pure fiji hydrating body lotion then natio daily face moisturiser 
10. Schwarzkopf normal balance express repair leave in conditioner 
11. evodia pink frangipani body mist 
12. bellamer eye blame and pangea organics lip balm

then its time for 
manicure I'm using dance baby by china glaze on my fingers 
and make some noise on my toes followed by moisturiser on the feet and hands with a BIG cup of tea 

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