Friday, 15 July 2011

not happy customer

i bought a few items from this online store

first off they don't send a invoice to your email stating what you have purchased nor do they let you know when your items are shipped i was not keen on that idea

delivery time was not bad it showed up in the week but..... the NYX hot pink eyeshadow is not hot pink way to light to be hot pink and is a total different number on the back which brings me to think they are not selling genuine NYX products there was also the trouble of i ordered 2 eyeshadow palettes 1 showed up but they left out the other one but charged me for it

i emailed them telling them whats happened i waited a few days they never got back to me we called them they didn't seem to interested in getting this little problem sorted out took a few phone calls finally they decide they will refund the amount for the palette that never showed .... which they sent me a email stating they refunded the amount but as of yet the amount has not shown up

over all very disappointed in this online store and will never be purchasing again i would not recommend this store from my own personal experience

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