Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Lime Crime Beauty

so I'm a bit late to jump on the bandwagon for this brand but better late then never. i ordered a few in from  Makeupnet lets start with the service no complaints here fast delivery and they even wrapped the products up in colourful paper with ribbon they did there best even knowing some one over there sucks as much as i do at wrapping and placed in a nice little paper bag 

Ok lets start with Lime Crime Dust Abracadabra  
this is a bright beautiful pink with a hint of 
sparkle colour pay off is huge good quality will last all day just the perfect pink  

Lime Crime Dust Siren
if you are some one who loves colour and i mean loves colour you walk out the door with bright red eye shadow on then you will love this its very hard to find a red with massive colour pay off this red this is the answer to your problem also has a bit of a metallic finish to it  

Lime Crime Nymph Dust 

this dust would make the prefect highlight for the brow bone  an inner corners of the eyes
it looks alot like fairy dust 

 and for the best thing ever no amount of sweat creased this bad boy 

Lime Crime Candy Eyed Eyeshadow Helper 

I've tryed a few eye primers before thought i found some good ones but this one is it i went for a run after i was finished sweating like it was no ones business my eye shadow was still perfect not to mention all these products come in cute little boxes 

out of all 4 products i would repurchase all except nymph nice colour but not exactly the colour i would use on a regular basis  

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