Sunday, 3 July 2011

review and happenings

been a while since i posted been super busy with life in general i joined vision personal trainers to lose some stubborn weight and to kick my chocolate addiction in the butt lost 3 kg so far an i been sore tired grumpy and sore but feeling good so far great service from them so far and lovely people i think i got the coolest trainer  VisionPT

work related we have renovations starting tomorrow i get to play with paint and mess up the windows lol and the website is being done and getting a banner for the website out the from gonna be busy for a while might not have Sundays off for a few weeks anyway sigh oh well

now for the product reviews

Dermalogica Clearing Mattifier 
i was given a sample of this to try the lady there told me it could help get rid of black heads and clear up acne i was  more interested in the blackhead part to be honest i will not be purchasing this product it may work for you but it did nothing for me not even clear up a small pimple

next on the list is ....

i wish i could like this product it smells nice it feels nice it makes your skin feel clean sad to say after a few days of using this beautiful cleanser my skin got so irritated from it i would recommend looking into this brand on a plus side its organic so your doing your skin a favor just it did not work for my skin 

these 2 beauty's i love the mask it does not dry and when you squeeze some out on your hand you have second thoughts about putting that dark green stuff on your face but after you skin feels refreshed and soft it doesn't smell to bad it doesn't have that strong smell like some masks do 
the hydrating mist smells like lemon/lime very refreshing it doesn't leave your skin oily an absorbs fast  i recommend both these items 

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