Monday, 9 July 2012

ins and outs

Maybe a little late for this but better late then never ins and outs for June


1. Sleeping in i really need more of these cooler mornings comfy bed with electric blanket on shame i work 6 days a week

2. Revenge i am in love with this show fave character of course Emily she be so nasty lol

3. Once upon a time yep turning into a couch potato here another awesome show takes a few shows to really get into but worth it

4. Hot pink fluffy slippers yes i wear them to work to :D

5. Chia tea enough said

6. My new dresser much larger then my last table pictures to come when i have it to my liking

7. Herbalife i had my weigh in today lost little bit of weight but i lost fat and put on muscle :)

8. Purple lipstick


1. Early mornings schools back means crash traffic on roads have to leave earlier for work boo!

2. Some dude parks in your spot at work grr

3. Drinking milk out of the carton to find its off  :-S

4. People with the flu coughing there lungs up at 3 am ....... SHUT UP

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