Saturday, 21 July 2012

Coastal Scents mini haul

finally made it out of bed been dead with the flu all week never ending story of work bed work bed just happy i can breath out my nose again never felt so sick next year :-/ flu shot  now for better news all the pretty colours :D

the other week i ordered a heap of hot pot eye shadows and a couple of empty palettes from Coastal Scents  thought i would try them out for the price $1.99 a eyeshadow i got nothing to lose really surprised really the colour pay off i been getting with out a base of any sort there is a little fall out with some colours nothing you can fix last all day with my primer

1. Vibrant Plum
2. Maroon Berry
3. Frosted Pea
4. Caramel
5. Deep Viridian
6. Pink Frost
7. Neon Bright Pink
8. Vibrant Maroon
9. Antique Maroon
10. Rustic Maroon
11. Persian Pink
12. Black Berry  

1. Vibrant Pink
2. Reef Pink
3. Watermelon
4. Coral Pink
5. Satin Lavender
6. Vibrant Blue
7. Neon Red
8. Sterling
9. Deep Cantaloupe
10. Vibrant Red
11. Periwinkle
12. Tarnished Nickel

all up very much worth it
take a look for your self


  1. Like your blog.

  2. Hi, came across your blog on elle & blair, I'm following you now, Positive Fountain that's me following. Follow me back, thank you :-)

  3. love the shades, they're so vibrant. cute blog btw :)