Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Coffee Talk

Siting here with a hot cuppa tea and cookies and cream chocolate which i ain't sharing
I bring to you a dose of me and my forever ramblings

there will be an eclipse tonight or should i say in the morning about 3.30 am, so at 3.30 am I'm gonna get up in the cold take my backside out the front and watch what i hope to be a good view considering its 3.30 am and i don't even know what that hour is
i will fill up my Maxwell Williams latte mug (from Robins Kitchen) with my all new favourite jarra latte seriously you have to try this very smooth cant wait to try the other flavors

 on another note cupcakes ...... yes cupcakes are seriously in                  right now they have some cute bags out at the moment mum and          i picked up cupcake bags yesterday just looking at it makes u                      want cupcakes an sprinkles to 

And for some beauty tips to finish up the night

1. For a morning glow, porridge with skimmed milk topped with flaxseed and blueberries and a glass of orange juice. healthy inside and out

2. Green Tea has a number of beauty benefits , rich in antioxidants which protect against free radicals an premature ageing but also increases your metabolism

3.  Your never to old to make a statement on the dance floor great exercise to keep the body rockin it will also bring a youthful flush to the cheeks what are you waiting for dance!

4. For puffy red eyes soak a couple of tea bags in warm water an place on the eyes for 10 minutes and relax

5. Even if you don't feel like you sweat much during your work out chances are your skin has evaporated more moisture fast fix when you don't have time for a shower use cleansing wipes to remove sweat an oil clean skin will reduce the chance of blemishes

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